Wednesday, July 28, 2010

August 19th

'nuff said

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Real World Austin

So we now have in the household Junior (technically his place), Ernie, Buffy and Cheney.

I Have a Sinking Feeling About This

Last Post- 15th August

Got back from a trip near the Cradle of Civilization. Went with Junior to a dig. It is nice to be in the in that part of world without having to shoot at or be shot at on a daily basis.

Junior got woke up early in the a.m. and seemed a bit peckish about it all. He received a call from an acquaintance of his Buffy while another Cheney showed up on his doorstep. Apparently it had something to do with Junior's work. We made our way there where we hooked up with Buffy. So as I understand it, part of Junior's work, The Warehouse was being attacked by Team Jacob (corrupted? Cheney buds) and some Caspers.

The interlopers barricaded the elvator shafts and stairways so by the time we made it to The Warehouse it was being "looted". On the way down we ran into a Goth Casper and Cheney charmed him to "help" us. We were late in stopping the raiders. In the middle of the vault was a Casper of the Fat Bastard variety was going like Kirstie Alley on a stack of glazed donuts. We were a going Weight Wathcers on Fat Bastard when we were joined by a buddy of Buffy's another member of Team Edward maybe.

Junior went a bit barmy and tried to punch big holes in Fat Bastard and took himself out of the fight. We ran off the Team Edward reject but Fat Bastard had done a bit of structural damage to The Warehouse. Goth ended up kicking FB's butt and we had to flee before we were buried in the rubble. Unfortunately Junior had the elevator key and the stairs were sealed off. Cheney jimmied the elevator doors and we were fixing to climb out when HRG and MiB showed up. They helped extract us out.

As they left in the whirly bird HRG tossed in a party favor down the collapsing building and voila instant sink hole.

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Get Well Soon

30 May

I hope you getting feeling better soon Ernie

Sixes and Sevens

29 May

Blackpool got us the address of the berk, the Collector whom they want the gen on. Went with Junior and a working mate of Junior's a chap we will call Ernie. Since we can't just drive up to his gaff Junior suggested we sneak through the woods and pose as electric men.

We made it there and Ernie did a bit Jemmy to get in while Junior did a bit of the wiggly to screw up the Mains. I tried a bit of the blag to gain entry into the Collectors home. Some bit about needing to see the panels and was led to the garage. The Collector saw through my blag and locked me in the garage. Apparently the collector was fixing to burn some special book and Ernie tried stop him and things went a bit argy bargy. By the time I was able to jemmy my way out of the garage Ernie got a bit too much of the fizzle. Junior and myself were able to beat down the Collector a bit and convince him to keep Ernie from croaking.

Junior poked around a bit and it seems the Collector has been buying expensive things with a bit of the fizzle in it and destroying them. Apparently the Collector has bit of a beef with fizzle slingers. Well anyhow Junior got really stroppy and perished the Collector.

Junior did find something a bit more than pence and lint in the sofa that allows one to sling the big fizzle without the aches and pains.

A Bit Berky

28 May

I shot some video with my phone of some pisshead in a parka playing accordian.

Finally Some Work

28 May

I finally got to do a bit o' work for the quango. Had lunch with Junior and his boss Lord Blackpool. Apparently there is some berk who seems to be nicking artwork and what not from Junior and Blackpool's gang. I have been asked to help Junior do a bit of gen to see what berk is up to.